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DiRootsOne | Autodesk Revit Plugin.

DiRootsOne Logo

DiRootsOne is a single application bundle that includes 8 free Autodesk Revit Plugins to boost your productivity. DiRootsOne allows seamless interoperability between our plugins, opening doors to new workflows and ways to get your job done faster and better.

Core Features

  • Export your Revit model data to Excel and Google Sheets. Edit the data and import it back to update the model.
  • Manage your Revit families and worksets.
  • Quickly find your families in Revit models. Search by category, parameter name and value. Find elements within Areas, Masses, Rooms, Spaces, and Zones.
  • Import your spreadsheets into Revit as Legend Views, Schedule Views and Drafting Views. Collaborate with non-Revit users and bring the beauty of your Excel Tables into Revit.
  • Create multiple Drawing Sheets, place Views based on a pre-defined template, and easily manage Drawing Sheets revisions. Export and sheets/views lists to/from Excel.
  • Easily renumber instance Revit parameters by using a prefix, a suffix, and a multiplier.
  • Manage Revit parameters inside project and family environments. Create new parameters, modify existing parameters, export/import parameters to/from Excel and Shared Parameters file.
  • Increase your productivity when working with Point Clouds.